Leave Rules for Bihar Private Employees

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If you work as a Private Employee or Laborer in the Bihar. In such a condition, you should have information about Leave Rules for Bihar Private Employees. So that you can take advantage of this facility.

Leave Rules for Bihar Private Employees

The any employees are working in a shop, hotel restaurant, cinema house or any commercial institution. In such a condition, your employer has to provide the benefit of leave to his employees like other benefits under the Bihar Shop and Establishment Act. We lets know the how much leave you should get.

Bihar Private Employees Leave

Leave Rules for Bihar Private Employees
Type Of Leave Leave Entitlement Max. Carry Forward Days
Sick Leave 12 (half wages on production of medical certificate every year)
Casual Leave (Days) 12 (full pay every year)
Earned / Privileged Leave 18 (After 240 days of continuous service)                45


Working Hours for Shops and Establishment in Bihar

The working hours for private employees and laborers working in the Bihar will be as follows-

Working Hours for Bihar Shops and Establishment
Normal Working Hours Nine hours in a day and 48 hours in a week
Interval For Rest After 4 hours of work interval of rest of at least half an hour
Maximum Over Time Hours One hrs. in a day and 54 hours in a week and the aggregate hours of overtime work shall not exceed 150 hours in a year.
Spread over Hours 12 hours in a day.
Rate of OT Wages Twice the ordinary rate wages


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