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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Bank D.A. to increase 27 slabs from Aug’15, Pensioners to get 31 slabs hike

All India Consumer Price Index Numbers (AICPIN)for Industrial workers(IW) Base 2001=100 for the month of JUNE’15 which stood at 261 points with an increase of 3 points while compared to MAY’15 figure.

Consequent upon the merger of CPI at 4440 points with Basic Pay under 10th BPS/7th JN, serving employees new DA formula came into effect from 1.11.2012.( with DA factor @0.10 for every rise/fall of 4 points on CPI (IW) Base 1960=100)

As such the confirmed All India average CPIN for the quarter ended June’15 are as follows:

Month                                  Base 2001=100                             1960=100

April                                                256                                        5843.43

May                                                  258                                         5889.08

June                                                     261                                         5957.66

                                Average CPI 5896

Accordingly there will be 27 slabs increase in DA payable to workmen/Officers for the next quarter ie. Aug,Sept & Oct ’15 with 364 slabs at 36.40 % DA rate.


For official confirmation kindly wait for IBA circular which may be released shortly.

Courtesy : Mr Mohan P
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Simplification of procedure for payment of pension and other benefits : Exercise of option regarding.

Simplification of procedure for payment of pension and other benefits : Exercise of option regarding.

G.I., Dept. of Per. & Trg., O.M.No.25014/1/2014-AIS-II, dated 28.7.2015

Subject : Clarification on simplification of procedure for payment of pension and other benefits to AIS officers retiring from Govt of India/State Govt : exercise of option regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Departments Order No.25014/2/2002- AIS-II dated 11th April, 2007 wherein measures for simplification of payment of pension and other retirement benefits to All India Services officers retiring/retired from Government of India/State Government have been revised and the Government of India had taken over the entire pension liability of all the All India Service officers. Besides, all retiring All India Service officers either from the Central Government or State Government uniformly have the option of drawl of their pension through Government of India or through the State Government. However, in the aforesaid order dated 11th April, 2007, the issue of revocation of their earlier option for drawl of pension exercised by the All India Service pensioners was silent.

(2) Accordingly, keeping in view the aging factor and to ease and comfort in a retired life, the issue of exercising option for drawing pension either from Government of India or State Government was revisited in this Department in consultation with the Central Pension Accounting Office, Department of Expenditure and Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare and has decided that the option exercised by the pensioner for drawl of pension/family pension either from the Government of India or State Government in reference to this Departments Order dated 11th April , 2007 would continue as “Zero option’ (option exercised at the time of retirement would constitute as zero option).

(3) Thereafter, the retired officer can further make two options for which the first option would be permitted without obtaining the permission of Central Government and the second option would require permission of the Central Government. No further option shall be considered after the Second option is permitted by the Central Government. The first option shall be applied by the pensioner to the Drawing Disbursing Authority Of her/his pension in the prescribed format (Annexure-I).

(4) The proposal for revocation of earlier options which required permission of Central Government shall be applied to the concerned Cadre Controlling Authority of All India Services in the prescribed format (Annexure-II) and such proposal shall be processed in consultation with the Chief Controller (Pension), Central Pension Accounting Office (Department of Expenditure), New Delhi for according approval of the Secretary of th concerned Cadre Controlling Authority .

5. It is to state that every time a change in option is made, it shall be notified to the Central Pension Accounts Office (Department of Expenditure) for carrying out necessary updation in its data base.

(6) The revised format for exercising zero option for drawl of pension in respect of retiring/retired members of All India Services is annexed as Annexure-III.

Source: www.persmin.gov.in
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Monday, August 03, 2015

Hike in Salary by 30% Confirmed in 7th Pay Commission for Central Govt. Employees

“The wages of public sector bank employees are revised once every five years. The recent 10th Bipartite wage agreement gave them an increase of 15%.”

United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) had initially put forth a demand of 21% wage hike. It was only after an extensive series of negotiations that the Indian Bank Association agreed to settle for 15%.

For Central Government Employees, once every ten years, a high level committee is constituted by Central Government to revise the pay and allowances. The commission will examine pay structure, concessions and facilities/benefits as well as retirement benefits of Central Staff based on Terms of reference given to them. The Commission has to submit its recommendations within 18 months of the date of its constitution.

All the employees’ Trade unions, Associations and Federations are given a chance to meet the committee and present their demands and expectations in the form of memorandums. All these stages have been completed. The pay commission is expected to submit its report to the central government this month.

The prime question which comes naturally in every one is mind is  how much increase the Central Government employees will get?

In our point of view, all Central employees can surely get a uniform 30% increase in salaries with effect from 01.01.2016, irrespective of ranks and length of service.

Let us assume that an employee who had been recruited after the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission, draws a salary of, on an average, Rs.30,000, including all allowances. Then, after the implementation of 7th Pay Commission, his salary will increase by 30%, and be Rs.39,000.

Everybody, including the NC JCM and the news websites, is expecting maximum hike. That is entirely their discretion. They would have a reason too – simple reason is ‘if you want to get what you want then you should ask more than thatí. They are hoping for a 60% to 70% increase’.

This is where most misconceptions occur. Even English newspapers are no exceptions, and have misquoted the numbers.

The minimum basic pay, as decided by the 6th Pay Commission, was Rs.7000. The basic salary of the lowest rank employee, who was recruited after the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission, was Rs.7000 per month, plus allowances. Almost ten years later, the basic pay of the same lowest ranked employee who was recruited after July 2015, is Rs.15330 (7000 + 119% DA) and allowances. The Dearness Allowance, which is given twice a year, began at zero and has increased to 119% in the past 10 years.

The Central Government employees’ Federation, NC JCM Staff Side had, in its memorandum to the 7th Pay Commission, hoped for a revised minimum basic pay of Rs.26000 (a 70% hike), instead of Rs.15330. The Federation had detailed and defended with irrefutable explanations and justification for their demands.

In News Media , Articles are being written questioning the basis on which the Federation is demanding a 3 times hike in salary..?

In fact, it is not clear on what basis they are publishing articles that Federations were asking a 3 times salary hike and central govt employees can get 3 times hike !

“An employee’s salary hike depends on a number of factors, including the pay commission, wage revision, promotion, etc. The normal procedure to find out the percentage of hike is to calculate it on the basis of the pre-hike salary. But, it is ridiculous to see some people calculate the increase based on the salary drawn by the employee ten years ago, and claim that they are going to receive multiple-times of salary hike.”

It is almost tragic to see employees, lured by the misguiding claim of a Multiplication Factor of 2.86, assuming that there will be a threefold salary hike.

The salaries of all Central Government employees from January 2016 onwards will be 30% higher than the pay of December 2015.

People who differ from this opinion, and those who are convinced that it is very low, are requested to calculate the percentage of salary hike of December 2005 and January 2006. This was the hike recommended by the 6th Pay Commission. Also, if possible, try to find out the percentage of increase in salary of December 1995 and January 1996. This was hike recommended by the 5th Pay Commission.

It has become very obvious that the Central Government employees are under some kind of spell when it comes to salary hikes. This is an attempt to dispel the illusion.

I shall resume this article with your esteemed feedback.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Expected DA July 2015 - Aicpin for the month of June 2015

No.5/1/2015- CPI


DATED : 31st JuIy, 2015

Press Release

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-I W) – June, 2015

The All-India CPI-IW for June, 2015 increased by 3 points and pegged at 261 (two hundred and sixty one). On 1-month percentage change, it increased by (+) 1.16 per cent between May, 2015 and June, 2015 when compared with the increase of (4) 0.82 per cent between the same two months a year ago.

The maximum upward pressure to the change in current index came from Food group contributing (+) 2.35 percentage points to the total change. At item level, Arhar Dal, Gram Dal, Masur Dal, Urd Dal, Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, Fish Fresh, Eggs (Hen), Poultry (Chicken), Milk (Buffalo & Cow), Onion, Chillies Green, Ginger, Vegetable items, Petrol, etc. are responsible for the increase In index. However, this increase was restricted by Rice, Mango, Lemon, Sugar, Electricity Charges, etc., putting downward pressure on the index.

The year-on-year inflation measured by monthly CPI-IW stood at 6.10 per cent for June, 2015 as compared to 5.74 per cent for the previous month and 6.49 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year. Similarly, the Food inflation stood at 6.67 per cent against 5.99 per cent of the previous month and 5.88 per cent during the corresponding month or the previous year.

At centre level, Quilon reported the highest increase of 15 points followed by Godavarikhani (9 points) and Raniganj (7 points). Among others, 6 points inclease was observed in 4 centres, 5 points in 9 centres, 4 points in Il cenlres, 3 points in 8 centres, 2 points in 15 centres and 1 point in 11 centres. On the contrary, Ghaziabad centres recorded a maximum decrease of 2 points. Among others, I point decrease was observed in 6 centres. Rest of the 10 centres’ indices remained stationary.

The indices of 35 centres are above All India Index and other 42 centres’ indices are below national average. The index of Lucknow is at par with all-India index.

The next index of CPI-IW for the month of July, 2015 will be released on Monday, 31st August, 2015. The same will also be available on the office website www.labourbureau.gov.in.


Source: www.labourbureau.nic.in
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Pension to Ex-Servicemen - PIB News.

Press Information Bureau 
Government of India
Ministry of  Defence

Pension to Ex-Servicemen 

The complaints regarding incorrect payment of pension, incorrect revision/ underpayment of pension etc. are being received and action is taken to redress the grievances by taking appropriate action in coordination with Pension Sanctioning Authorities & Pension Disbursement Agencies.

The number of complaints received during each of the last three years and the current year are as under:-

       Year                                                   No. of complaints received

      2012                                                                      32147

      2013                                                                      26209

      2014                                                                      23178

      2015                                                                      15435
(Upto 22.7.2015)
The Government is considering to implement a system of Central Pension Disbursement Agency (CPDA) to facilitate credit of pension directly to Pensioner’s bank account.The new system is likely to be implemented from the next financial year.

For ensuring quick and seamless disbursement of pension to Ex-Servicemen, following projects are undertaken by the Government.

  Digital life certificate through Jeevan Praman Portal.
  Digitization of records to enable prompt pension revision in future.
  Submission of  e-Pension claim and issuance of  e-PPO.
This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh in a written reply to Shri Satav Rajeev and others in Lok Sabha today.
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