Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pharmacist Day – NFIR

Pharmacist Day – NFIR

NFIR’s Hearty greetings and congratulations to the Pharmacists of India and Indian Railways:

Today – 25th September, 2018 being the Pharmacist Day World Over, NFIR feels privileged to convey hearty greetings and good wishes to the Pharmacist community as a whole in general and Indian Railways pharmacists in particular.
Pharmacists have been playing crucial role for providing qualitative Health Care to patients, despite facing all odds and difficulties. Sadly the Indian Railways pharmacists in particular and Pharmacists if Central Government in general are not taken care of adequately by the Government although their entry qualification (associated with training) warrants allotment of higher pay structure. The Railway Pharmacists are aware that NFIR has been fighting for the cause of this category and various issues of Pharmacists have been taken up at the level of Railway Ministry, Departmental Anomaly Committee and National Anomaly Committee.
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The MACPS aberration causing deprival of financial upgradation to this category has also been taken up by NFIR
While extending NFIR’s total support to the Pharmacists, the Federation hopes that the Pharmacists would continue their yeomen service with determination and devotion for providing qualitative service to all those who need. NFIR wishes happy days to Railway pharmacists and their family members.
Source: NFIR

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