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Decision of National Secretariat Meeting Held on 5.9.2018 at New Delhi – Confederation

Decision of National Secretariat Meeting Held on 5.9.2018 at New Delhi – Confederation

All National Secretariat Members 
All Affiliated organizations 
All C-O-Cs

Dear Comrades,
National Secretariat meeting of Confederation with available Secretariat Members was held on 05.09.2018 at NFPE Head Quarters, New Delhi.

1. 5TH SEPTEMBER 2018 – MASS RALLY AT NEW DELHI – REVIEW The rally was well organized and a grand success. About 5000 Central Government employees from all states, representing various affiliates and C-O-Cs of Confederation had participated in the rally. The rally of Confederation was very good, impressive and clourful. Participants wearing caps and T-Shirts with “SCRAP NPS” demand written on it and holding about 500 placards with “SCRAP NPS, SETTLE CHARTER OF DEMANDS” slogan along with flags and banners of affiliates and C-O-Cs made the rally most attractive and inspiring. With the participation of thousands and thousands of workers and peasants of Trade Union and Class and mass organisations the entire Jantar Mantar and Parliament Street became an ocean of red with about 2 to 3 lakhs participants. The rally demanded the NDA Government to stop the anti-worker, anti-people neo-liberal economic policies and also the divisive policy of communalism. The message of the rally was loud and clear. If the Modi Govt. is not ready to change the retrograde policies, the workers and peasants shall intensify their campaign to change the Government.
2. 15TH NOVEMBER 2018 – NATIONWIDE ONE DAY STRIKE OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES It is decided to further intensify the campaign programme to make the 15th November 2018 one day strike a resounding success. The 10 points Charter of demands of Confederation, especially the “SCRAP NPS & HONOUR ASSURANCE” demands should be popularised among all section of employees and pensioners. The National Secretariat Members of Confederation shall attend one largely attended, well organized campaign programme in each state. Campaign programme of National Secretariat Members will be finalized and published shortly in consultation with all Natinal Secretariat Members. In addition to the campaign of National Secretariat Members, each affiliated organization and C-O-C shall organize its own separate campaign programme among its own membership in maximum places.
Tour programme of National Secretariat members will be from 3rd October to 3rd November 2018, as already decided in the Hyderabad National Convention.
3. 28.09.2018 – NATIONAL CONVENTION OF WORKERS A National Convention of workers will be organized by all Central Trade Unions (except BMS) and independent Federations (including Confederation) on 28th September 2018 at Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi from 10 AM onwards, to discuss and decide about next course of united country wide actions including strike against the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the NDA Government. If the Convention declare strike, then the date of the 15th November strike of Confederation will be changed to synchronise with the strike date of Central Trade Unions and independent Federations, as already decided in the Hyderabad National Covention.
4. NJCA Programme – OBSERVE “ALL INDIA DEMANDS DAY” ON 19.09.2018. It is decided that all affiliates of Confederation and C-O-Cs shall implement the “All India Demands Day” call of the NJCA on 19.09.2018, by holding protest demonstrations at all Centres and also in front of all Central Government offices.
The main demands raised by NJCA are – (1) Scrap Contributory Pension System (2) Enhance Minimum Pay and Fitment Formula. (3) Implement Option-I also as pension fixation formula
Whether NJCA will revive the indefinite strike or not depends upon the decision of Railway Federation (AIRF & NFIR). Confederation and All India Defence Employees Federation want to revive the indefinite strike without any further delay. Chairman and convenor of NJCA (NFIR & AIRF) are authorized to declare strike.
5. ALL INDIA WOMEN’S TRADE UNION EDUCATION CAMP – 2018 OCTOBER 29TH & 30TH AT HARIDWAR C-O-C, U.P. State is making all arrangements for the successful conducting of the Camp in consultation with C-O-C Uttarakhand. Hall of the Camp and accommodation for delegates are already booked. All affiliates and C-O-Cs are once again requested to ensure participation of lady delegates as per the quota already fixed. Please instruct the lady delegates to book their travel tickets immediately. Haridwar is an internationally renowned holy place and tourist Centre. There will be more rush of tourist and pilgrims during October. Hence tickets may be booked now itself. National Women Convention will also be conducted on the Second day of the Camp and new office bearers of Women’s Committee will be elected. C-O-C UP proposed to convene a seminar along with the Camp (Copy of the previous Circular is attached herewith).
6. 2018 SEPTEMBER 19TH – 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF 1968 SEPTEMBER 19TH STRIKE. It is decided that the 50th anniversary of 1968 September 19th Strike may be organized at all Centres in a befitting manner by hoisting of flags in front of main offices, paying homage to martyrs of 1968 strike, conducting gate meetings/general body meetings, honouring those leaders who participated in the 1968 strike and victimized by Government.
7. KERALA FLOOD HAVOC- DONATIONS TO CHIEF MINISTER’S FLOOD RELIEF FUND Reports from affiliates and C-O-Cs show that Sincere efforts are being made by Confederation affiliates and C-O-Cs to collect maximum amount of donation towards Kerala Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. The meeting decided to call upon al Central employees to donate at least one day salary towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
All National Secretariat Members, Chief Executives of affiliated organisations and General Secretaries of C-O-Cs to take necessary action to convene their managing bodies to implement the above decisions.
Fraternally yours
(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General 
Mob. & Whatsapp – 09447068125 
Source: Confederation

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