Thursday, September 25, 2014

CG Employees Launch Countrywide Stir Demanding 7th Pay Commission Interim Relief

The Central Government employees are going to launch nationwide protests, stressing that their 11-point demands, including interim relief for the 7th Pay Commission, be granted.

Duraipandian, the General Secretary of Central Government Employees Federation, said, whenever the Pay Commission is constituted, interim reliefs are announced. But this time, when the 7th Pay Commission was announced, we weren’t given interim relief.

We want the new pension scheme to be revoked and old pension scheme to be reinstated. Outsourcing of Central Government jobs to private firms must stop. And, we want the more than 6 lakh vacancies in various central government agencies, like the Railways, Income Tax Departments, to be filled up.

We are going to launch nationwide Dharna protests (except Jammu and Kashmir), demanding that these 11 conditions be fulfilled.

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