Monday, October 28, 2013

UTTARAKHAND Govt. Announces 10% DA Hike for State Government Employees.

   Following the demand of State Government employees, the State Government has given 10 per cent increment in dearness allowance for State employees. Besides this, an ad hoc bonus for 30 days has been approved for State workers and casual/daily wage workers of aided educational and technical institutions. Besides it, chief minister has announced Rs1,000 bonus to the Aaganwari and Asha workers on Thursday.

    Workers of regional corporations, aided educational and technical institutions and urban corporations whose remuneration have been revised/unrevised since 1.1.2006, will be eligible for the increase in dearness allowance, to be calculated from July 01. Uttarakhand Finance Department’s Government Order No. 557/xxvii(7)02/2013 dated 24 October, 2013 increases the dearness allowance of state employees working on revised remuneration, including workers of regional corporations, aided educational and technical institutions and urban corporations, effective from 01 July, 2013  from 80 per cent to 90 per cent. The same order also increases the dearness allowance of state employees working on unrevised remuneration by 17 per cent, from 166 per cent of the basic salary to 183 per cent of the basic salary.

   The order further states that exempting employees who have entered into Government services through direct entry after October 1, 2005 or thereafter (covered under the Contributory Pension Scheme), all other employees will get the amount in arrears calculated between July 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013 (except those who have retired within this period or will retire within six months of this period) in their general provident fund.

   The cash payment of the arrears will be done from November 1, 2013 onwards.

   However, employees who were appointed after October 1, 2005 or thereafter will have their arrears amount paid as follows: 10 per cent of the arrears in the Contributory Pension Scheme account and the same amount in the New Pension Scheme account of the employee. The remaining amount will be paid as NSC.

   As per terms of the Government Order, all full-time Government employees and State Government-aided educational and technical institutions, regional corporations and district panchayats whose revised remuneration includes grade pay upto Rs 4800 and unrevised remuneration is up to a maximum of Rs 13,500, are eligible for ad-hoc bonus in the form of 30 days’ emolument.

   Towards this end, admissible emoluments for ad-hoc bonus as on March 31, 2013 will be Rs 3,454. The maximum disbursement towards ad-hoc bonus for employees receiving the emoluments has been set at Rs 3,500. Employees whose emoluments are higher than this amount will also be paid a maximum ad-hoc bonus of Rs 3,500.


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