Monday, February 25, 2013

Earmarking of accommodation for On-board Housekeeping Staff (OBHS)



New Delhi, dated 22.02.2013

General Managers,
All Zonal Railways.


Sub: Earmarking of accommodation for On-board Housekeeping Staff (OBHS)

Ref: Railway Board’s letters

   (a) No.2006/M(C)/165/9 dated 01.10.2007, 04.08.2009, 17.07.2009 and 19.07.2010

   (b) No.95/M(C)/141/1 Vol.II dated 21/28.05.2010

   Instructions have been issued by Board for implementation of On-board Housekeeping Scheme on Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/Duronto and important (Mail/Express trains vide letters under reference, In OBHS Scheme, a set of housekeeping staff travels on-board and carries out cleaning activities of coach compartments and toilets.

   2. The issue regarding earmarking of accommodation for OBHS staff has been examined by Board and it has been decided to earmark two berths/seats for them as under:-

   (i) Last two side berths/last two seats of the lowest reserved class available in the train should be earmarked for OBHS staff e.g., in the train having Sleeper Class as the lowest accommodation, berth nos.71 and 72 in S1 coach should be earmarked for them. Similarly, in the trains having AC Sleeper accommodation only, the last two side berths in B-I coach should be earmarked for OBHS staff.

   (ii) The list of trains in which OBHS facility has been provided will be forwarded by Mechanical Department to Commercial Department duly indicating whether this facility is being provided through contractor or through Railway staff.

   (iii) In case of non-Railway OBHS staff the contractor will be asked to deposit the fare for these berths/seats in advance. A flag will be put in the system to confirm whether payment has been received from the contractor or not.

   (iv) The contractor Will be required to give the names of the persons who may be going in the train at least 24 hours in advance. The names of these persons will be indicated in the chart with a special indication so that the public is aware of the same.

   (v) A provision for the cost of this fare will be kept in the contract at the time of calling of tender by Mechanical Department. In case of misuse of these berths/seats established, the only penalty will be cancellation of contract.

   (vi) In case of misuse of these berths/seats by departmental OBHS, strict as well as deterrent disciplinary action should be taken under D&A rules.

   3. CRLS will make necessary modifications in the software and intimate the date of effect to all Zonal Railways.

   4. After Implementation of this Scheme, a feedback may be sent after 3 months indicating the problems faced on this account.

   5. This issues with the concurrence/approval of Finance and Mechanical Directorates of Ministry of Railways.

(S.K. Ahirwar)
Director Traffic Commercial(G)    
Railway Board                                         

Source: AIRF

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