Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2012.

Government of Himachal Pradesh
Finance (IF) Department.

No.Fin-IF(F)9-5/2012   Dated:Shimla-171002, the 9th Nov, 2012.

   The Governor, Himachal Pradesh is pleased to renew the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Regular, Adhoc, Part-time, Contractual and Daily Waged employees of Government Departments, Boards, Corporations, Universities and Autonomous Bodies on compulsory basis for a period of one-year w.e.f 18.11.2012. The scheme would be implemented by the State Government through Heads of Departments.

Salient features of the scheme are as under:-

1. Premium Rs 80/- per annum per employee

2. Coverage

   i) Any kind of accident (Post Mortem Report and FIR is compulsory)

   ii) Drowning, washing away in floods, landslides, snakebite, earthquakes & cyclone (Post Mortem Report and FIR is compulsory)

   iii) The cover is available on twenty-four hour basis and includes all types of accidents arising anywhere, i.e., at home, in public, whilst engaged in any occupation/vocational activity and/ or travelling by any mode of conveyance, directly caused by external violent & visible means in sudden, unforeseen manner.

   iv) Natural deaths i e deaths not occurring due to accidents are, however, not covered under the scope of this scheme.

3. Sum assured/Benefits in case of accident:-

a Death              Rs. 2.00 Lakh
b Permanent total disablement Rs. 2.00 Lakh
c Loss of one limb+ one eye  Rs. 2.00 Lakh
d Loss of one limb/eye       Rs. 1.00 Lakh

A. Mode of premium payment:

   1. Since the scheme is implemented on compulsory basis, each & every DDO(s) would ensure deduction of Rs.80/- as premium from each employee from the salary for the month of Nov. 2012 in one installment only and the same will be deposited in receipt Head 0235-60-105-02 positively.

   2. The Boards/Corporations/Universities/Autonomous Bodies will also deposit the premium in above stated Receipt Head in respect of their employees who are being paid salaries by these organizations.

B. Procedure for claims:

   The concerned DDO(s) shall prefer the claims to their Head of Department. The following documents will required to be attached with the claim form duly countersigned by the concerned DDO.

(I) In case of death:

   (a) Intimation from Legal heir of deceased within 30 days of death.

   (b) Claim form along with copy of FIR, post mortem report by appropriate authority,

   (c) Death certificate issued by the appropriate authority

   (d) Legal heir certificate issued by the appropriate authority

(II) In case of injury:

   (a) intimation from claimant,

   (b) Claim form

   (c) Treatment & disability certificate in event of permanent total disability/permanent partial disability

   Specific proof of deduction & deposit of premium in designated Receipt Head in respect of beneficiary.

   In the event of claim the concerned HOD will decide/ settle the claims at his own level on being satisfied that the claim falls within the scope of the scheme as explained in Para 2 of these guidelines. The payments of compensation shall be made to the nominee(s) or legal heirs of the deceased by the concerned Head of Department. The expenditure on this account shall be charged to Major Head 2235-60-105-02-SOON-NP-CC.

   In case of claims under the scheme from Boards/Corporations/Universities/ Autonomous Bodies, the claims will be settled by their respective Administrative Departments. Specimen copies of Claim Intimation Letter &Claim Form is enclosed as per Annexure I & II.

   The HOD/ AD shall ensure that relevant documents as mentioned at B(i) or B(ii) as may apply to the particular case are attached with the claim form.

By order

Addl. Chief Secretary(Finance) to the
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.


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