Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Appointment of the Authorised Medical Attendants.

18, Institutional Area, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg
New Delhi 110016
Fax: 26514179, TEL: 26858570

F.No. 110861/2011- KVS(HQ)/ [Admn.-II]

Dated: 01.06.2012.


   Approval of the Joint Commissioner (Administration), KVS(HQ), New Delhi is hereby accorded for appointment of the Authorized Medical Attendants (as per list attached bearing SI. No. 01-50) in terms of CS (MA) Rules 1944 for providing medical treatment to the employees of KVS(HQ), Regional Office, Delhi and the KVs under the said R.O. and members of their families residing in a radius of 16 Km w.e.f. 01.04.2012 to 31.03.2013.


   The appointment of the aforesaid doctors as AMA has been made on the basis of Panel (List) of Doctors circulated vide O.M. CGEWCC/2012-13-AMA dated 30.03.2012 issued by Secretary, CGEWCC, subject to terms & condition mentioned therein.

   Before taking treatment the employee should submit option to the Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) for maximum two AMAs in terms of G.l. M.H. & F.P., O.M. No.S.14025/113/79-MS, dated the 28th May, 1982 and C & A.G., Cir. No. 445- Audit/17/87/III-90(86), dated the 10th August, 1990 as incorporated in CS (MA) Rules, 1944.

   The aforementioned appointment of the Doctors is subject to the following conditions:-

   i) That he/she will charge consultation and injection fee at the rates prescribed under the Central Services (Medical Attendance), Rules, 1944.

   ii) That he/she will be required to follow strictly the rules under the said Rules and orders issued from time to time there under.

   iii) That his/her appointment could be terminated even before the expiry of his/her term without assigning any reasons or giving any notice.

(Rajender Kumar Sharma)
Assistant Commissioner [Admn.]

Click here to  view the List of Authorized Medical Attendants For the Year of 1st April 2012 TO 31st March 2013.

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