Monday, February 06, 2012

Transfer Policy - New recruits. CGDA

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-10

Important Circular

No. 0600/AN-X/ Vol. XX
Dated: 3 /2/2012.

PCsDA/CsDA/PCA (Fys)/CsFA (Fys)

Sub:- Transfer Policy - New recruits.

Ref: HQrs office circular No. even dated 18/01/2012.

   Transfer policy guidelines for New Recruits have been disseminated through HQrs office circular dated 18.01.2012. Before issue of instant circular Controllers have recommended the cases as per criteria spelt out in earlier circulars and consequently officials who have completed 2/3 years of tenure at the station could not be included in Half yearly Report for 10/2011.

   2. Various references are being received from individuals who have completed their requisite tenure at the station and eligible to be considered for transfer to their station of choice as per merits and on turn. Keeping in view the requests of the individuals and administrative requirements, Competent Authority has taken a view to review all such cases in the light of fresh guidelines issued vide circular dated 18.01.2012.

   3. It is, therefore, desired to review all the requests de-novo and endorse to HQrs office with recommendations for consideration. It is added that requests of new recruits which were rejected earlier due to non-fulfillment of criteria laid down in earlier guidelines on transfer or pended for related reasons, may be reviewed as per fresh guidelines and forwarded alongwith recommendations/comments.

   4. Further, the Competent Authority has desired that the cases which were not recommended while rendering volunteer list in HYL 10/2011 may also be re-examined with references to merits of the case and fresh report alongwith a copy of request/application of the individual, may please be forwarded for consideration.

   5. Instances have also come to fore that names of individuals who volunteered in HYL 4/2011 and whose names were displayed at the website of the CGDA have not been included in HYL 10/2011. Kindly include their names in the fresh report and endorse to this office.

   6. The consolidated report as desired above may be submitted to HQrs. office at an early date, latest by 17th Feb., 2012.

( Z. V. S . PRASAD
Jt. CGDA (Admin)



  1. What about those who are continuously applying for transfer for their home-town on medical or humanitarian ground! will the CGDA make the kind review of such cases. - S. Datta

  2. I had completed five years but still waiting for my term?

  3. I have completed my 3 years as a store keeper in Defence (AOC) in bathinda i want to go nearest station patna as a mutual posting.. 9780251745



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