Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forwarding of ACRs/APARs of CSS officers to DoPT - regarding.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
(CS Division)

2nd Floor, A Wing, Lok Nayak Bhawan
New Delhi, the 24th January, 2012


Subject:- Forwarding of ACRs/APARs of CSS officers to DoPT - regarding.

   The undersigned is directed to say that discrepancies have often been noticed in the ACRs/APARs of CSS officers received in the CS Division of DoP&T from the Ministries/Departments. Such incomplete and inaccurate ACRs/APARs are required to be sent back to the respective Ministries/Departments for rectification of deficiencies, resulting in unwanted delay in completion of ACRs/APARs of the officer concerned.

   2. In order to avoid unnecessary correspondence and delay, a Check-List for the convenience of the participating Ministries/Departments has been prepared, a copy of which is enclosed, The check-list is not exhaustive, but is aimed at facilitating the Ministries/Departments to check at their end the frequently noticed inconsistencies before forwarding the ACRs/APARs to DoP&T.

   3. It is once again reiterated that the instructions issued by the Establishment Division of this Department from time to time on preparation and maintenance of ACRs/APARs may be adhered to and it may be ensured by the officer authorized in the Ministries/Departments that the ACRs/APARs forwarded to the DoP&T are complete in all respects.

(Vidyadhar Jha)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India



The ACR/APAPR is complete in all respects:

i) The ACR/APAR has been initiated in the proper format and color scheme prescribed for the grade;

ii) The period of the ACR/APAR has been clearly indicated;

iii) The CSL Number of the Officer reported upon has been indicated at the top right hand corner of the APARs first page;

iv) All the columns have been properly filled up by the officer reported upon, the Reporting Officer and the Reviewing Officer;

v) It bears the signature of the officer reported upon and the signature (in blue ink) & stamp of the Reporting and Reviewing Officers at appropriate places;

vi) The numerical grading with reference to prescribed weightage has been calculated correctly;

vii) If the final grading in the APAR has been up-graded/down-graded by the Reviewing Officer, he has indicated grading for each attribute under Sections (A), (B) & (C) in Part-3 of the APAR and appended his initials;

viii) If the APAR could not be reported/reviewed, no report/no review certificate with reasons is affixed;

ix) The instructions contained in DoPT OM No.21011/1/2005-Estt.(A)(Pt.II) dated 14.05.2009 and No.21011/1/2010-Estt.A dated 13.04.2010 have been adhered to;

x) Disclosure certificate has been duly stamped and authenticated on the front page of APAR and the status of filing of IPR (Immovable Property Return) is duly indicated and verified;

xi) Necessary entries in the APAR Monitoring software have been made;

xii) It has been forwarded to CS Division, DoPT under the signature of an authorized officer.

Source: http://circulars.nic.in/WriteReadData/CircularPortal/D2/D02csd/APAR_CheckList.pdf

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