Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Disbursement of salary to the staff of Project KVs through Web Portal Regarding.

NEW DELHI - 110016

NO.F. 1-1 /2009/KVS/(Budget)UBI
Dated 21-11-2011

The Deputy Commissioner,
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,
All Regional Offices.

Sub:- Disbursement of salary to the staff of Project KVs through Web Portal Regarding.


   This has reference to this office letter of even number dated 3/10/2011 in which the decision of the Competent Authority of KVS to disburse Salary of the KV employees in the MOU of Project KVs has been conveyed for implementation. In connection with the operation of Bank Account by Project Vidyalyas the following guidelines are issued.

   (i) The Principal of the Project Kendriya Vidyalayas may be advised to open a new Savings Bank Account in the Union Bank of India wherever, UBI has its Branch in the station where the KV is situated or the nearest station to the Vidyalaya. Project Authority should also be informed by Principal/RO to remit the Funds to the newly opened Savings Bank Account maintained in UBI.

   (ii) In the event of non-availability of UBI Branch nearer to the Project Vidyalayas, the Principal of the Vidyalayas may continue to operate their existing Savings Bank Account with the present Banker. However, it is to be ensured that the exact amount of funds equal to the amount of net Salary likely to be uploaded in the UBI Web Portal has to be remitted to the UBI account maintained by the RO latest by 20th of every month so as to pave the way for tapping of transactions by UBI Mumbai for the purpose of disbursal of salary to the individual staff account.

   (iii) There are instances where funds are not flowing properly from few Projects for disbursement of Salary, for such cases, funds should be provided by the respective Regional Offices out of the funds available in their Main Fund Account or it may be requisitioned from KVS(HQ) well in advance. It is however, for those Project Authorities to recoup the amount to RO/HQ in a latter date.

   You are requested to inform the above guidelines to the Principals of the Project Vidyalayas accordingly.

Yours faithfully,
(M. Arumugam)
Joint Commissioner(Fin)


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