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Minutes of the Sixth Review Meeting with cadre authorities on issues pertaining to CSS/CSSS/CSCS held on 15th September, 2011 - reg.

No.21/14/2010-CS.I(P) I Vol.II
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

2nd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
New Delhi.
30th September, 2011.


Subject :- Minutes of the Sixth Review Meeting with cadre authorities on issues pertaining to CSS/CSSS/CSCS held on 15th September, 2011 - reg.

   The undersigned is directed to say that in order to strengthen the cadre management of Central Secretariat Service, Central Secretariat Stenographers Service and Central Secretariat Clerical Service; the sixth review meeting was held under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary (CS) on 15th September, 2011 in North Block, New Delhi with all the cadre units.

   2. The minutes of the meeting have been uploaded on the website of the Department of Personnel & Training at www.persmin.nic.in
- CS Division - CSS - Miscellaneous Circulars. All the cadre units are requested to peruse the minutes and take necessary action accordingly.

(Monica Bhatia)
Director (CS.I)

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
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   The Sixth Review Meetin with the cadre units on issues pertaining to CSS/CSSS/CSCS was held on l5th September, 2011 under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary (CS) in Room No.126, North Block, New Delhi. The agenda items for the meeting are at Annexure-I. The list of participants is at Annexure-II.

   2. Welcoming the representatives from the Ministries/Departments, Director, CS.I, DOP&T initiated the discussion. The items on the agenda were discussed as under: -

(1) APAR completion of all CSS officers for 2009-10 and 2010-11

   Director (CS-I) mentioned that CS Division has been, from time to time, writing to the cadre units to ensure completion of the APARs of the CSS officers in time and this issue has also been thoroughly discussed/raised with cadre units in various previous Review Meetings. Information regarding outstanding ACRs is uploaded on the website of the Department of Personnel & Training and updated regularly. In August, 2011 all the cadre units were requested for expeditious completion of pending APARs of CSS officers and forwarding the same to CS Division by 31.8.2011. Despite this, APARs of more than 500 officers in the grades of Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Director for 2009-10 have not been received. She highlighted the fact that because of non-availability of APARs, deserving candidates are denied promotion. She, therefore, requested the cadre units to take urgent action in this regard.

   Intervening, Joint Secretary (CS), DOP&T stated that this issue was discussed last time also and as per the information available with DOP&T, every Ministry/Department is a defaulter in this regard. He added that it is our obligation to complete the APARs since a deadline has been fixed for this. He observed that as of now DOP&T is not being able to promote officials because of litigation but whenever this issue is sorted out and promotions commenced, it would be difficult to promote suitable officials for want of APARs. He, therefore, asked all the Ministries/Departments to expedite completion of APARs, if required, by taking up the matter with the Reporting Officers and Reviewing Officers, with whom the APARs are pending. He further observed that completion of APARs within time facilitates smooth cadre management. He reminded the cadre units that onus of completion of APARs within the timeframe is not only on an individual officer but also on the Ministry/Department concerned. As such, Department of Personnel & Training would not be at fault if a particular official is denied promotion because of non-availability of APARs.

   Joint Secretary (CS) then specifically pointed out the names of the cadre units where action with regard to APAR completion is pending and while going through the list observed that the work related to APAR completion is also not getting due attention even in UPSC. He observed that UPSC should take lead in this area and set an example for other cadre units.

   In conclusion, Joint Secretary (CS) directed that

   (i) All the cadre units should take advance action to ensure completion of all APARs keeping in view all the relevant factors such as showing the below bench mark APARs to the employees concerned.

   (ii) In case non-submission of self-appraisal within the prescribed time limit by an official, the reporting officer may be requested to initiate the APAR and the fact of non submission of self-appraisal should be reported in the APAR of the said official by the cadre units.

   (iii) The Ministry/Department wise status of APAR completion should be circulated by CS Division to the cadre units.

(2) Updating of APAR monitoring software by nodal officers

   Director(CS-I) informed that the third training for nodal officers of respective cadres on APAR Monitoring Software was organized on 26th July, 2011 in two batches in Lok Nayak Bhawan. A total of 66 officers attended the training. However, the progress of updating the software is not encouraging. All the cadre units were asked to feed the data in the software on regular basis and consult CS Division in case of any problem. She requested the cadre units that if there are any issues with regard to software, they should consult DOP&T for its rectification.

(3) Status of submission of Immovable Property Returns for the years 2009 and 2010

   Director (CS.I) informed that though the status of submission of Immovable Property Returns of CSS officers has improved, there are still some pending cases in 11 Ministries/Departments (Ayush, Corporate Affairs, Defence, DOP&T(ISTM/SSC), Health &FW, Higher Education, MHA, Minority Affairs, Posts, UPSC, Urban Development). She asked the concerned cadre units to take immediate necessary steps in this regard.

   Joint Secretary (CS) pointed out that while going through APARs, it has been noticed that most of the officials have reported that they have filed Immovable Property Returns within the prescribed time limit but these Immovable Property Returns have not been submitted to DOP&T. This is a serious matter and all the cadre units should look into this. It should be ascertained whether the officials have wrongly stated the fact or there is delay on the part of Ministry/Department concerned in forwarding the IPRs to DOP&T.

   Joint Secretary (CS) further informed that a decision has been taken that if an official has not submitted Immovable Property Return for a particular year, his APAR for that year will not be considered for promotion. Therefore, he directed that urgent steps should be taken in this regard.

   It was pointed out that the list of defaulters is available on website of DOP&T and is updated regularly. It was decided that the names of the officers, whose IPRs have not been received, would be sent to the Ministries/Departments individually for taking immediate action.

(4) Non-relieving of Section Officers on ad-hoc promotion to the grade of Under Secretary

   Director (CS.I) mentioned that orders for ad-hoc promotion of 205 Section Officers to the grade of Under Secretary were issued on 11th August, 2011 and that 17 officers had not yet been relieved to take up their new assignments. Ministries/Departments were advised to relieve the remaining officers so that they could avail of their promotions.

(5) Non-receipt of information from Ministries/Departments for Rotational Transfer of Under Secretaries

   Director(CS-I) informed that rotational transfer of Under Secretaries, who had completed more than 16 years in a Ministry/Department, were ordered in January, 2010. With a view to effecting rotational transfer of Under Secretaries, who have completed more than 10 years service in a Ministry/Department, the posting details of the Under Secretaries were called for from all the Ministries/Departments in March, 2011. Subsequently, reminders were issued in May and June, 2011. So far information has not been received from 8 Ministries/Departments (Ayush, Civil Aviation, Defence, Heavy Industries, Public Enterprises, Social Justice and Empowerment, SSC and WCD).

   Representatives of Ayush and WCD informed that the requisite information was sent on 15.9.2011. Other defaulting Ministries/Departments were asked to expedite the information.

   In this context, the existing RTP for CSS officers was discussed. It was mentioned that the present RTP does not take care of several important aspects in the career of an employee. While there is a need for transfer of the officers after a certain period of residency in a particular Ministry/Department, there is also a need for proper utilization of the experience/expertise gained by an officer in specific areas. There is, therefore, a need for striking a balance between the two. It was informed that CS Division is proposing to have a modern Career Management Policy for CSS officers instead of the existing RTP. A discussion paper on the subject would be uploaded in the website of DOP&T inviting comments/suggestions and a meeting would be held thereafter to gather more ideas/inputs.

(5) Orientation/Induction training and Department Darshan of DR Assistants

   Director (CS.I) informed that in August, 2011, all the cadre units were advised to conduct a 3-4 day induction training to the newly deployed direct recruit assistants about the Ministry covering, inter alia, areas such as organizatioral structure of the Ministry, subjects allocated to the Ministry, major policies, legislations and Centrally sponsored schemes of the Ministry. It was also suggested that these assistants may initially be attached with 2-3 different sections in the Ministry/Department dealing with separate subjects such as Cash/Administration/Policy/Parliament etc. for about 2 weeks before formally assigning them section work. She further informed that 84 direct recruit assistants have recently been posted in different Ministries/Departments vide Order dated 19th August, 2011.

   Intervening, Joint Secretary (CS) stated that requests are being made that direct recruit Assistants should be posted without training but it should be remembered that by going through training they become well acquainted with Government machinery and procedures. He, therefore, opined that there is a need for speeding up induction training to the direct recruit Assistants and for this purpose, apart from ISTM, DOP&T is in touch with other institutions like HIPA. Joint Secretary (CS) welcomed the suggestion of the representative from Ministry of Health for utilizing the facilities in the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare which is located near ISTM in this regard and asked them to explore this possibility and inform to DOP&T.

   Joint Secretary (CS) informed about the training on RTI for the CPIOs. He informed that training on RTI for the CPIOs in DOP&T was conducted in DOP&T on a pilot basis and it was a very successful. A communication is being issued to the Ministries/Departments for conducting similar training on RTI for the CPIOs in the Ministries/Departments. The Ministry/Department concerned will have to make all physical arrangements for the training, while DOP&T will be providing materials for the training and the faculty would be provided by ISTM. He informed that 15 training slots have been planned for this year beginning 22nd September, 2011. This will be on first come first basis. Joint Secretary (CS) asked the willingness of the interested cadre units for conducting the training on different dates as per schedule.

(6) Non-relieving of PSs on their promotion as PPS on ad-hoc basis

   Deputy Secretary (CS.II) informed that consequent upon cadre review of CSSS, orders for promotion of 590 PSs to PPS grade of CSSS on ad-hoc basis were issued vide this Department’s O.M.s dated 29.3.2011 and 30.5.2011. However, it has been observed that 21 PSs are yet to join their respective Cadre Units on their promotion as PPS on ad-hoc basis. The details of these 21 PSs were read out one by one and. The representatives of cadre units informed that requisite action would be taken to comply with the order. However, in some cases requests have been made for retention.

   Intervening, Joint Secretary (CS) mentioned that the request for retention is generally not agreed to unless the reason for retention is really pressing and genuine. It is, therefore, advised that PSs who have been transferred on their promotion should be relieved immediately to enable them to avail of their promotion failing which the order of promotion may be withdrawn. He further directed that the cases where the position is not made clear with regard to relieving of officials, despite repeated communication from CS-II Division, orders withdrawing the promotion be issued.

(7) Non-relieving of PAs on their promotion as PS on ad-hoc basis

   Deputy Secretary (CS-II) mentioned that consequent upon cadre review of CSSS, orders for promotion of 877 PAs to PS grade of CSSS on adhoc basis were issued vide this Department’s O.M.s dated 31.3.2011, 8.6.2011 and 12.8.2011. It has been observed that 3 officers from Water Resources namely Shri Ashok Kumar Raichandani, Shri Mehmood-ul-Haque and Shri Manoj Duggal have not yet been relieved.

   The representative of the Ministry of Water Resources informed that the PAs had been accommodated in that Ministry on their promotion as PS as vacancies were available.

   It was clarified that keeping in view the overall vacancy position across all the Ministries/Departments, some vacancies in some Ministries/Departments were not filled up and placements were made accordingly. The action of the Ministry of Water Resources was not correct and the three PAs should be relieved immediately.

   Representative from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting informed that they have retained the services of their official because of work related to Common Wealth Games. JS (CS) observed that a Personal Assistant could hardly give any input in respect of work related to Common Wealth Games. As such, he directed to immediately relieve the officer concerned and observed that there should be a solid ground for retention of an officer.

(8) Non-relieving of Steno Grade ‘D’ on their regular and ad-hoc promotion as PA

   Deputy Secretary (CS.II) informed that despite lapse of considerable time, some cadre units have not relieved their PAs (ad-hoc) who have been nominated to other cadre units on their regular promotion to the post of PA under the SQ for the Select List years 2005 to 2009. The details of cadre units along with the name of the officials were read out. The representatives of the concerned cadre units informed that they would process reliving of officials within a week while the representatives of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of I&B and UPSC stated that they would check and report.

   With regard to relieving of Stenographers Grade ‘D’, who have been nominated on their ad-hoc promotion as PA outside their present cadre units vide O.M dated 5.8.2011, Deputy Secretary (CS.II) stated that more than 25 Stenographers grade ‘D’ are yet to be relieved by the cadre units.

   Intervening, Joint Secretary (CS) stated that all the cadre units should ensure that the Stenographers Grade ‘D’ who have been nominated outside their cadre units on their ad-hoc promotions are relieved immediately.

   (9) Non-receipt of ACR Dossiers of PS for regular panel of PPS of 2010
   (10) Vigilance Clearance and minor/major penalty certificate in respect of PSs
   (11) ACRs from 2008-09 onwards to be shown to the officials concerned as per the guidelines issued by Establishment Division of DOP&T

   Deputy Secretary (CS.II) stated that despite repeated request/reminders vide this Department’s O.M dated 15.4.2011 and 10.8.2011 most of the cadre units have not furnished the ACRs/APARs and certificate stating that the ACRs for the period from 2008-2009 onwards have been shown to the officials concerned as per the guidelines issued by the Establishment Division of DOPT. In addition all the cadre units were also requested to furnish the vigilance clearance, major/minor penalty certificate, certificate to the effect that below bench mark ACRs have been shown to the concerned officers and opportunities have been given for making representation etc. the same are still awaited.

   The representatives of almost all the cadre units agreed to furnish the requisite certificates along with pending ACRs within one week, except the cases where Reporting Officers are out of the country or have repatriated to their cadre.

   On this Joint Secretary (CS) suggested that the matter may be taken up appropriately at the senior level while keeping the Department of Personnel & Training informed.

(12) Completion of pre-appointment formalities of Steno Grade ‘D’ who have been nominated on qualifying the Steno Grade ‘D’ Exam, 2010

All Cadre Units were requested to complete immediately the pre-appointment formalities of Steno Grade ‘D’, who are being nominated shortly.

(13) Furnishing of information in respect of Parliament Assurance given in respect of Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No.1654 for 10.08.2011 regarding Rotational Transfer Policy

   All the Ministries/Departments were asked to expedite the required information for fulfillment of the Parliament Assurance..

(14) Issue of Service Newsletter for CSS/CSSS/CSCS.

   It was informed to the representatives of the Ministries/Departments that it is proposed to issue an online Service Newsletter for CSS/CSSS/CSCS, which will give news and updates on matters affecting the services such as promotions/retirements and new policies etc, in addition to articles on specific themes relating to the service.

   The Ministries/Departments were invited to make suggestions on the contents of the proposed Newsletter.

3. In addition to the agenda items, the following issues were also discussed;

   (i) Representative from Department of Disinvestment raised the question of training of UDCs promoted as assistants. Joint Secretary (CS) assured to look into the matter.

   (ii) Joint Secretary (CS) mentioned that cadre units are still creating and requesting for posting of LDCs. He observed that posting of LDC through DOP&T has long been discontinued and as such cadre units should take note of it.

   (iii) With regard to proposals of encadrement of posts in CSS/CSSS/CSCS received from the Ministries/Departments, Joint Secretary (CS) said that the proposals are under consideration and it would take some time for finalization. He, however, observed that immediately after creation of new posts the Ministries/Departments request DOP&T for providing incumbents against those posts, whereas a proposal for encadrement of such posts should first be sent to the DOP&T. After encadrement of the posts, filling up of the vacancies could be considered in due course. He, therefore, urged the cadre units to be patient in this regard.

   (iv) It was pointed out that discrepancies in the sanctioned strength as well as personnel of CSS/CSSS/CSCS posted in various Ministries/Departments is being noticed. In order to reconcile the data regarding sanctioned strength, incumbency position in all the grades of CSS/CSSS/CSCS, it was decided to undertake an exercise by CS Division to ascertain the exact strength of the personnel in all the grades of CSS/CSSS/CSCS in the Ministries/Departments. Joint Secretary (CS) mentioned about the experience of Department of Personnel & Training in compiling this information wherein the required information was provided in a day. On this basis, Joint Secretary (CS) hoped that this information can be compiled and furnished by the cadre units in a day or two. It was decided that a communication would be issued to all the Ministries/Departments for compiling and furnishing the required data. It was also informed to the cadre units that officers of CS Division would contact the nodal officer in each Ministry/Department to collect the information/data. All the cadre units were asked to cooperate in this regard.

   The meeting ended with a Vote of Thanks to the Chair.


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