Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grant of Sunderban Allowance to Railway employees working in West Bengal

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)
No. F(E)I/2011/AL-4/4
PC VI No.273
RBE No.122
New Delhi, dated 12.09.2011
The General Managers,
All Indian Railways etc.
(As per Standard Mailing List)

Sub: Grant of Sunderban Allowance to Railway employees working in West Bengal.
Ref: Board’s letter No.F(E)96/AL-4/11 dated 24-8-2001.

   Sanction of the President is hereby conveyed for the continued grant of Sunderban Allowance at the existing rates (based on the notional pay in pre-revised scales) to the Railway employees posted in the Sunderban areas of West Bengal for a further period from 01.01.2003 to 31.08.2008 and at the revised rates (indicated in the Table below) from 01.09.2008 onwards and upto the period for which the Government of West Bengal continues to pay this allowance to its employees, subject to the fulfillment of the existing terms and conditions in this regard.

Existing Rates (in Rupees) Revised Rates (in Rupees)
Pay Range

Rate w.e.f. 01.08.1997 (In Rupees)
Pay in the Pay Band
Rate w.e.f.01.09.2008
Below 3000 30 Below 5600 60
3000 - 4499 60 5600-8400 120
4500-5999 90 8401-11200 180
6000-9000 120 11201-16800 240
   2. In case of those employees who have opted to retain the pre revised scale of pay after the Sixth Pay Commission, their entitlement to the Sunderban Allowance would be determined with reference to pre-revised pay range indicated in column (1) of the table above and the rate prescribed in Column (2) will apply from 1.1.2003 to 31.8.2008 and that in column (4) of the table will apply w.e.f.1.9.2008.
3. Hindi version is enclosed.
4. Please acknowledge receipt.
(Sonali Chaturvedi)
Deputy Director Finance (Estt.)
Railway Board
Source: AIRF

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