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Pension – Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Health Fund Scheme – Provisional Pensioners – Claims submission – Guidelines issued

Finance (Pension) Department
Secretariat, Chennai-600 009.

Government Letter No. 15832/Pension/2011-1, dated: 02.06.2011

Thiru. K. Shanmugam, I.A.S.,
Principal Secretary to Government.

All Secretaries to Government.
All Departments of Secretariat
The Secretary, Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Chennai – 600 009.
All Heads of Departments.
The Accountant General, Chennai - 18
The Tamil Nadu Information Commission, Chennai – 18.
The Registrar, High Court, Chennai – 104.
The Secretary, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,Chennai – 6.
The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai – 15.
The Director of Pension, Chennai - 6.
The Pension Pay Officer, Chennai – 6
The Pay and Accounts Officer, Secretariat, Chennai-9.
The Pay and Accounts Officer (North), Chennai –79
The Pay and Accounts Officer (South), Chennai – 35
The Pay and Accounts Officer (East), Chennai – 5
The Pay and Accounts Officer , Madurai
All Treasury Officers / Sub-Treasury Officers

Sub: Pension – Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Health Fund Scheme – Provisional Pensioners – Claims submission – Guidelines issued

Ref: 1. Government letter No.33742/Finance (Pension) Department/ 2010-2, dated:7.7.10

    2. From the Director of Pension letter No.11103/2011/D1, dated:04.03.11

   In the letter first cited, Government have issued clarification that the provisional pensioners are eligible to enroll and make a claim under the Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners Health Fund Scheme.

   2) Now, the Director of Pension in his letter second cited has recommended the procedures for submission of claims by the provisional pensioners and sanction and disbursement on their claims. After careful examination of the recommendation of the Director of Pension, the Government direct all the drawing officers, Treasury/ Sub-Treasury / Pension Pay Officers and Director of Pension to follow the under mentioned procedures on the claims of the provisional pensioners under the Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners’ Health Fund Scheme.

     (i) Reimbursement proposals for sanction under Pensioners’ Health Fund Scheme in respect of provisional pensioners should be sent to Director of Pension, by the drawing officers only through the Sub-Treasury/ Treasury/ Pay and Accounts Office in which provisional pension is drawn.

     (ii) As and when reimbursement is sanctioned by the Director of Pension, the cheque along with copy of sanction proceedings should be sent to the Drawing Officer only for disbursement to the provisional pensioner.

     (iii) While sending pension proposals to the Accountant–General, the drawing officer should furnish details of health Fund reimbursement sanctions. In turn, the Accountant- General shall inform the fact to the Pension Disbursing Officer to whom the individual’s pension payment is authorised. Drawing Officers shall mention the payment under Pensioners Health Fund Scheme in the Last Pay Certificate in bold letters and highlight the fact so as to invite the attention of the Treasury / Sub Treasury / Pension Pay Officer.

     (iv) The Pension Disbursing Officers (Treasury / Sub Treasury / Pension Pay Office) shall record the details of Pensioners’ Health Fund reimbursement received by the Pensioner in his capacity as a provisional Pensioner in the Audit Volume of Pensioners half of the Pension Payment Order and Disbursers’ half of the Pension Payment Order with the Pension Disbursement Officer.

     (v) Both the Drawing Officers and Pension Disbursing Officers shall inform the details of Pension Payment Order to the Director of Pension by a specific report by Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due and get acknowledgement from the Director of Pension before closing the relevant file.

     (vi) The Director of Pension shall make necessary entries in the pension master of Health Fund Scheme and intimate the same to the Drawing Officer and Pension Disbursing Officer.

   3) The Accountant-General is requested to inform the fact of previous claims of the pensioners, as reported in the pension proposals, to the Pension Disbursing Officer to whom the individual’s pension payment is authorised.

Yours faithfully,

for Principal Secretary to Government


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