Sunday, February 20, 2011


Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch


No : 1146-F(P)
Kolkata, the 14th February,2011

     The matter of enhancement of the ceiling of Maternity Leave on the recommendation of the Fifth pay Commission has been under active consideration of the Government for some time past. At present a female State Government employee is entitled to Maternity Leave for 135 days in terms of Rule 199 of West Bengal Service Rule, Part-I read with Finance Department Memo No. 3453-F dt 28.03.01.

     After careful consideration of the matter the Governor has been pleased to decide that a female State Government employee may be granted Maternity Leave for a maximum of 180 days subject to the existing terms and conditions as laid down in Rule 199 of the West Bengal Service Rule, Part-I.

This order shall take effect from 01.01.2011.

Necessary amendments of the relevant Rules will be made in due course.

S. K. Chattopadhyay
OSD & Ex-officio Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal, Finance Department.

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  1. raally good decision

  2. the decision of the west bengal govt is highly appreciating....but i just wanted to know whether an employee whose 135 days maternity leave shall end on march can extend her leave as per the present order or not?

  3. is this extension of maternity leave applicable for state govt employee...west benbal.

  4. employees of central hovt and govt of wb can get 15 days paternity leave. then why a school teacher of govt aided schools in wb will not get so? delhi govt declaired paternity leave for 15 days to the teachers after a order declaired by Delhi HC.

  5. I am a Govt.aided school teacher of west bengal, and took maternity leave of 135 days as per existing rules DSE .As per the latest G.O. of Finance Dept. of west bengal Govt. am I entitled to take leave for 45 days.

  6. I am a teacher in a wb govt aided high scool. is this new G.O OF MATERNITY LEAVE is also applicable for govt aided school teachers?

    1. govt of westbengal should answer

  7. What is the rule of Paternity Leave for an Assistant Professor of a Government-aided college in West Bengal?

  8. My sister-in-law is a Govt employee of west Bengal, and took maternity leave of 135 days w.e.f. November 2010. After completion of leave she proceeded to her controlling officer for granting present order so that she can enjoy 180 days maternity leave. But he refused to do that. So, she joined duty. Question is GO No. 6606-F(P) published on 29-06-2011. If she can take the rest 45days maternity leave as the child is very ill? Please reply. e-mail ID

  9. I have added your blog in my Blog Roll. Waiting for necessary action from your end. Thank you my friend.

  10. Thanks. I have also added your blog in my blog

  11. Above all statements are right - Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar( Subrata), A.D.S.R. Bharatpur, Bharatpur, Murshidabad.

  12. well some discrimination still prevails regarding paternity leave,we suggest strong appeal from govt-aided schl teachers to make decision makers to ponder over the fact

  13. Iam contractual employee under govt project.Ijust wantted to know,why a contractual employee not get 180 days for maternity leave?

  14. I am a contructual teacher. Can I get maternaty leave, if yes then how long?. Please answer me through mail:

  15. My wife hasbeen working as a 2nd A.N.M(R)Under NRHM IN West Bengal.How many days will she get as maternity leave 135 days or 180 days? Answer me

  16. I am working as a GDMO under NRHM in WEST BENGAL.How many days shall I get as maternity leave 135 days or 180 days?Answer me through:tultulm

  17. can a school teacher enjoy 730 days leave ?

  18. Increase of maternity leave is a good decision of the Govt.But what are the alternative arrangements for smooth running of the institutes with already shortage of staffs in all department?

  19. There is no mentioned Maternity Leave of 2nd ANM under NRHM in West Bengal Chapter. Please answer it.


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