Monday, November 15, 2010

ADVANCE INCREMENT — Sanction of Advance Increment to Government

ADVANCE INCREMENT — Sanction of Advance Increment to Government
Officials for acquiring MBA Degree of recognized Institutions — Orders Issued — Cancellation of the Government Orders — Issued.

Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR-IV) Department

G.O.(Ms) No.154

1. GO. (Ms) No. 825, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR-I) Department, dated: 06.07.1977.
2. GO. (Ms) No. 1195, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR-I) Department, dated: 27.10.1978.


In the Government Order first read above, Government have ordered that the Government servants working in the Departments where management qualification could be utilized and who hold the post graduate degree of Master of Business Administration of recognized institutions be given two advance increments. While introducing the above said scheme, acquiring M.B.A., qualification was rare and no possibilities existed through Distance Education. Further, it was felt that in the primitive periods, management knowledge may be helpful in administration to a limited extent. However, now-a-days due to advancement of technologies, management know-how is widespread in administration.

2. It is also noticed that over a period of time, the number of universities has proliferated manifold and almost all the universities offer this degree through Distance Education. Almost all the Departments state that the MBA qualification acquired by the individuals are useful for their Departments. However, the fact remains that such management qualifications are utilized fully only in limited Departments such as Sugar Mills, TASMAC, TNCSC departments etc. As such, it is considered that the qualification will not materially impact employees in discharging their official duties.

3. Taking into consideration of the above facts, the Government after careful examination have decided to cancel the order of G.O.(Ms) No. 825, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR-I) Department, dated 06.07.1977 and subsequent orders issued regarding sanction of two advance increments to those who already possess the post graduate degree viz: Master of Business Administration from the recognized Universities (including Open Universities) and this system is dispensed with, from the date of issue of this order.




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