Monday, May 31, 2010

State Pulse: Madhya Pradesh: Dignity of Mantralaya

OP Sharma
I read editorial "Improving work culture" (CC 24.05.2010) in which it has been said that the government of Madhya Pradesh is making efforts to induct new work culture in Mantralaya- the seat of administration. In this editorial it is also said that govt. had tried many experiments for improving the work culture but the recommendations could not be applied due to unknown reasons.

I would like to spread light on Mantralaya, its work culture and on the recommendations of JPS Associates who studied on secretariat manpower and work culture. Mantralaya (previously secretariat) is a large organization having 53 departments. The various posts are sanctioned in Mantralaya as 19 of Principal Secretaries, 20 of Secretaries, approx 120 of Deputy and under secretaries, 153 of section officers, 329 of Assistant grade-I, 321 of assistant grade-II, 586 of assistant grade-3 and 606 of Class Four employees. Except these posts, there are 127 posts for PA, 18 for staff officer and 60 for private secretaries. About 100 posts of technical and other staff like lift operator, mechanic, house-keeper, computer operator, drivers, receptionist etc are sanctioned in Mantralaya. Unfortunately I am forced to say that about 30 principal secretaries and 32 secretaries are posted in Mantralaya against 19 and 20 sanctioned posts but the situation of lower class officers and employees is different. There are only 141 section officers in position instead of 153. Assistant grade-I in position are only 274 although sanctioned posts is for 321; similarly assistant grade-II and III are 281 and 389 instead of 321 and 586. These figures show that the ratio of senior officers' and employees' is not proper according to the sanctioned posts. JP Associates studied only junior officers and short salaried employees who always work hard in Mantralaya but did not get any opportunity to get any recognition to their works from government side. The recommendations of agency are in 52 points and made no comments on discrepancy between two same important pillars of government.

We all know that many state governments have adopted the policy of Central government for giving pay and allowances according to Central govt but in Madhya Pradesh there is no decision taken by the Govt on allowances like travelling allowance, HRA, conveyance allowance and others. When a Class Three employee goes on government tour, he gets only Rs 32/- per day as DA. Can he eat food and live for a day with this amount? State Govt always discriminates with junior employees. It should become practical. IAS, IFS and IPS officers in the State have no need of any order for getting increased Dearness Allowance but others have no option except folding their hands before the Govt. Are these junior officers and employees of MP not able to get their rights timely? or they have no value in the eyes of the government? If Hon. Chief Minister wants to fulfill his dream of golden Madhya Pradesh, his government must stop discriminatory practices to its employees. Nobody can give hundred per cent output without getting all his rights. I appreciate one recommendation of JP associates about forming a new department of "Personnel, training and administrative efficiencies" which may be carved out of the General Administration Department to look after not only the secretariat services but other services of secretariat too because Mantralaya is Mantralaya, and it has a dignity, which must be maintained.

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